The 16th Tallinn Print Triennial „Literacy – Illiteracy“
Curator Maria Kjær Themsen (Denmark)
February – May 2014
Kumu Art Museum 5th floor, Tallinn


The 16th Tallinn Print Triennial „Literacy – Illiteracy“, curated by Maria Kjaer Themsen, presents works of visual art that are produced using mechanical or digital reproduction or printing technologies, produced between 2011 and 2013 on the topic of „Literacy – Illiteracy“. Each applicant is asked to write additionally 5-10 lines about how their work is related to the concept of the Triennial. We expect individual works or series (measurements and number is not limited) that would not cover more than 10 sq m of wall space. The selected artist from the open-call will be part of the 16th Tallinn Print Triennial „Literacy – Illiteracy“
The selection of works consists of two phases:


Phase A – Sending digital material. Deadline: 22.07.2013

Images sent by e-mail (JPEG/PDF, 72 dpi, max size 2M) should be sent together with completed entry form to the e-mail address:
Artists selected for Phase B are asked to send later (individual e-mails will be sent to the selected artists) high resolution images for printing the catalogue (TIFF or JPEG, 300 dpi). We accept only digitally sent images (via Dropbox, YouSend It or WeTransfer etc. to the e-mail:
The curator of the 16th Tallinn Print Triennial and the Tallinn Print Triennial team will select artists from Phase A for Phase B.


Phase B – Selected artists.

Deadline will be confirmed and sent to all selected artists.
Art works must reach Tallinn by 10th January 2014. Artists selected for Phase B should send their works (at their own cost) together with completed entry form to the address specified in the e-mail individually sent to each selected artist. However, the designer of the exhibition together with the organizers of the Triennial has the right to exclude some works from exhibiting due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. the original of the work doesn’t coincide with the image of the preview photo, lack of space etc.).


Sending artworks

We suggest using strong rolls for packing. Prints must be sent unframed and without mounts. Signing the entry form means that the artist accepts the regulations. If the works do not arrive on time, the artist cannot take part in the Triennial. 3-dimensional works should be packed in such a way that the organisers could return them in the same packing. Any assembly instructions should be sent with the work.


Particiaption fee

Participation fee is meant to cover charges related to send the art works back to the artists after the exhibition and to post the exhibition catalogues. Methods of payment will be announced to selected artists.
Phase A: Free of charge. We accept only digitally sent materials.
Phase B: European countries – € 30;
Non-European countries – € 40;
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – free of charge



Grand Prix – € 3000
3 Equal Prizes – a’ € 1500.
Purchase prizes – All prize-winning works will become the property of local public entities sponsoring such awards. Grand Prix and the three equal prize works will be included in the Tallinn Print Triennial’s art collection in the Art Museum of Estonia.
The winner of Grand Prix will be invited to participate with a special exhibition at the 17th Tallinn Print Triennial in 2017.



The organisers will publish a colour catalogue of the Triennial and each participating artist will receive a copy. Postal expenses will be covered from the participation fee.


General Information

The works will be returned within 6 months after the closing date of the exhibition. The organisers reserve the right to photograph or otherwise reproduce the works for the purpose of publicising and recording the Triennial. While all precautions will be taken in the handling of the works, the organisers take no responsibility for any damage to the prints as the result of events beyond their control or during transportation. If artists need a guarantee, they should make arrangements with their own insurance agency.

NB! The jury will consider the correspondence of the works to the topic of the Triennial while making their decisions.


For more information please contact:
Jaanika Okk – Project manager of the 16th Tallinn Print Triennial
Mob. +44 (0) 7795871205; e-mail:
For further information please refer to


All information is a subject to change and the Tallinn Print Triennial team will notify participants of all the changes.