Press release: 17th Tallinn Print Triennial


The 17th Tallinn Print Triennial will take place in the spring and summer of 2018 in Kumu Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM) with satellite events in other exhibition venues. The exact dates of events will be announced at the beginning of 2018.


The upcoming Print Triennial will be governed by the notion of tradition that addresses both the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and the 50 years of activity of the Print Triennial as an institution. However, the theme of tradition is not reducible to the anniversary celebrations; the triennial programme will analyse the wider meaning of tradition – the consistency of traditions, changes caused by the surrounding context as well as ‘untraditionality’ and potential alternative traditions.


The 17th Tallinn Print Triennial will open in Kumu with a historic insight into the tradition of the Print Triennial curated by Elnara Taidre and Eha Komissarov. The exhibition will deal with the 50-year history of the Tallinn Print Triennial by analysing the role of the Print Triennial in the art process and cultural history of Estonia and the Baltic states. Alongside mapping the historical timeline, the exhibition aims to conceptualise the art works and address issues that have been topical throughout different eras and contexts.


The main exhibition is curated by Margit Säde and will be based in EKKM. Säde’s curatorial project will look at the other – the untraditional – side of tradition and will ask how and in which tone it is possible to talk about tradition at a time when Estonia is offering e-residency in its ‘transformative digital society’ to everyone who is interested as part of a state start-up initiative. The exhibition will feature works from very diverse artists by combining fanatical ideas and somnambulist visions with meticulously planned tactics, while both approaches are joined by a search for a more caring and humane society.


A solo exhibition by Viktorija Rybakova, the Grand Prix winner of the 16th Print Triennial, will open at Tallinn City Gallery as part of the Print Triennial programme.


Due to the anniversary format of the upcoming triennial, the traditional open call will not be held. This will be symbolically replaced by works shown in the historical exhibition of past winners, which have mostly been received through open calls and then added to the Tallinn Print Triennial collection.



Foundation Tallinn Print Triennial consists of Marten Esko, Kadri Karro, Eve Kask, Eha Komissarov, Eva Näripea, Jaanika Okk, Jaanus Samma and Elnara Taidre.


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